Puppy Preschool Details

PPS Packet     

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Puppies are highly impressionable and the early weeks and months of a puppy’s life are critical times. An experience, whether negative or positive, can leave a lasting impression on a puppy.

This is a class designed for puppies 7-16 weeks of age. This is an excellent class for first time puppy owners. Topics include Behavior Modification, Biting, Barking, Object Socialization, Handling Exercises, Grooming, House Training, Chewing, Digging, and Basic First Aid.

It is crucial that you begin socializing a new puppy as soon as you bring puppy home. Between the ages of 7 and 16 weeks, puppies begin to form attitudes and opinions that will last a lifetime.  It is during this period that most puppies can develop up to 90 percent of their attitudes toward people, other animals, their environment, and objects in their environment. During your weekly sessions you will learn how to begin the process that is critical to the positive social development of your puppy.  During this period of a puppy’s life it is imperative to introduce new people and dogs properly, to prevent the development of permanent fear or aggression towards people or other dogs.  Proper socialization during this short window of opportunity will guide your puppy’s development while he gains a clear understanding of appropriate behavior and interaction with people and other dogs.
At puppy preschool you will also do confidence-building activities to help your puppy improve his/her confidence in themselves and to build trust with their new owner. Our weekly confidence building exercises will help to further establish the critical communication and trust that is necessary for a well-mannered family pet. You will be taught proper introduction techniques for moving and non-moving objects.