Dog Food Testimonials

Jorie Driscoll – “My boyfriend and I recently bought this for our dog from Linda and it’s been great! Our recently adopted shelter dog couldn’t eat dry food due to missing teeth and gaps. We were trying to sog his food up with water and peanut butter and it worked for about 2 weeks but it was super time consuming in the morning before work and he still wasn’t eating much of it. We got this food and it’s been great! It’s easy to get it ready for him in the morning and he eats all of it. Having a superrrrr picky eater of a dog, it’s great that he’s actually eating it. We used the amount calculator and he seems to stay full throughout the day. We’re loving the new food and will be purchasing it monthly!! Thanks Linda!”

Patti Kowitz Says – “I switched two of my dogs to this raw diet several weeks ago. They took to it immediately and needed no coaxing. It is easy to prep (less than an hour to portion and bag several weeks worth of meals.) The cost is less than a good quality kibble. I plan to keep using the raw diet, thanks Linda for sharing it with us!!”

Sara Nierode Satern Says – “I have been feeding this to our 2 elderly dogs. The little dog has energy again and is up to her old antics. It’s nice to see her as her old happy self again. I think she’s less itchy too. Our 15 year old blue heeler had given up on food and life but this raw food has given him a new reason to live and he’s stronger after he eats it. It’s like a dogs dream food. And their bodies must be able to metabolize it better because they poop a lot less. They ate about twice as much as recommended the first couple of weeks but now they’re happy with the recommended amount so it’s not more expensive than the dry food we were feeding them before.”