How to Teach Your BFF To Be Your Diabetes Alert Dog

“How to Teach Your BFF To Be Your Diabetes Alert Dog” training kit. Do it yourself training kit does not include Low or High Blood Sugar Samples, but will explain how to collect and store samples properly.

Set is $63.25 includes shipping and tax, go to the Store page to order your self training kit.

This training DVD and booklet are not about how to train a service dog in obedience or manners. They are designed to assist an individual in training their own personal dog to alert to low and high blood sugar changes as they are occurring. By using a fun and positive technique you will learn how to condition your dog to respond with a “Paw Alert’ when he smells a certain odor. This booklet and DVD only teaches the “Paw Alert”. There are other types of alerts, but ‘pawing’ seems to get the best results for us.

Keep in mind that a trained alert dog does not catch every low and high blood sugar that occurs. Weather, environment, air flow, tiredness of the dog, distractions, and illness (of the dog) can all have an affect in the dog’s ability to alert. Dogs can also have bad days, just like humans, so your dog will have good alert days and not so good alert days. You should continue to follow your doctor’s advice and instructions for the management of your blood sugars, even after your dog starts alerting. A diabetic alert dog does not replace medical protocol, and should not be relied upon as the only way to check blood sugars. Always follow the doctor’s orders for managing blood glucose levels.


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