Willo, ABCA Registered Border Collie

Willo has been retired and re-homed to a family with children that love playing with her. Willo is the best soccer player EVER! She also loves to cuddle with babies and play fetch at ANY time day or night. If you are sick she will stick by your side until you feel better. We will miss your for sure, but she is in a GREAT home and happy!

Willo, is a saddle back sable border collie born April 14, 2011 in Niota Illinois (from bearfootbordercollies.com). She is one beautiful girl. She has been named after Grandma (Willa, aka Wendy) with only one change in the spelling of her name. We don’t want to get them mixed up (haha). Willo is a happy-go-lucky little girl with lots of energy! She is getting along with dogs and humans of all ages. Sleeps through the night and is going potty outside after just one week of training, way to go Willo!

Willo is CEA/CH – Clear


Willo is learning a new skill, she will be my demo dog for diabetic alert dogs. If you click on the link below one can see the article from the paper that she was in.