Bonsai, AKC Poodle

 Sir Bonsai Yukio, was born right here at BFF Dog Training on 1/16/2017. He is a Hazelnut and Foster puppy. He will be replacing Foster when he is old enough. Bonsai started out as Mr. Arrow, he tested clear for PRA, Von Willebrands and Degenerative Myelopathy (DM). His  DNA test for colors showed that he carries, black, brown, yellow, white, and red. I combined that information with how sweet he is and I decided he was the one to keep! He has lots of great breeding in his back ground and should produce more wonderful dogs like him and his father (from Kit Sue lineage). He enjoys eating, giving kisses, chewing on bones, and getting attention. He likes his trips to the nursing home to see residents and get some yummy treats. Bonsai, is 34 lbs and 23 inches tall. Scrol down to the bottom of hte page to the Paw Print Logo and click on that to go to the website and see Bonsai’s DNA results. 

PRA, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration  WT/WT  (Normal  Clear)                   
Von Willebrand Disease I   WT/WT  Normal (clear)
Osteochondrodysplasia    WT/WT     Normal (clear)                                                Degenerative Myelopathy   WT/WT   Normal (clear)                                                      GM2 Gangliosidosis (Poodle Type)   WT/WT   Normal (clear)

Colors that Bonsai Caries

E Locus (Yellow/Red)   E/e   Black (carries yellow/red)                                                                A Locus (Agouti)   Ay/at   Sable/fawn (carries tricolor/black and tan)                                          B Locus (Brown)   B/b   Black coat, nose and foot pads (carries brown)                                    S Locus (White Spotting, Parti, or Piebald)   sp/sNearly solid white, parti, or piebald                K Locus (Dominant Black)  KB/ky    No agouti expression allowed (carrier)                                                                      

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