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Diabetes Alert Dog interview with Ty Brown and BFF Dog Training: View Article


In the local news paper, The Dodgeville Chronicle, Thursday-January 1, 2015

DADs (diabetic alert dogs) for Dummies – A DAD is a Best friend fur-ever!

Area student begins journey with diabetes service dog – Hononegah High School students will have a new classmate soon.

Owners Warned of Blood Sugar Changes After First Session – Recent special training for dogs to teach them how to inform owners of dangerous changes in their blood sugar levels saw immediate results.

Diabetes Dog To Help Youth – Jack, an English Cream Golden Retriever, is being trained to be a diabetes dog for an 18-year-old Hononegah High School senior…

Diabetes Alert Dogs — Oh the Drama!


View Video – What you can do to assist in D.A.D. training.

View Video – Boy Uses Service Dog For Diabetes.

View Video – Sienna learning to alarm for the scent of vomit, this is in the EARLY stages of training.

View Video – Sienna was sleeping with Hannah, in Hannahs’ bed and noted the scent of vomit in the air from the hidden sample. Sienna gets out of the bed to paw the alarm. Sienna jumped up sooner than what I expected, so the camera started a little late, so it does not show Sienna getting out of the bed. Sienna double checks Hannah and the smell then does a little shake and goes for the alarm. Good Job Sienna!!

View Video – Kai, Diabetic Alert Dog alerting to the scent of a low blood glucose (sugar) sample.

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