Dog Training Class Descriptions

Private Lessons $75.00 per lesson ~ This is for the owner that wants to go through the training process with their dog. One Free Private Lesson for Humane Society Adoptions (Iowa County Only).

Residency Programs Offered (Drop off your pet for training, then I teach you)

Tune Up Program $400.00 ~ This is an on leash program for dogs that have had training and just need the basics fine tuned. This is a three day program that will reinforce your dogs ability to not jump on people, heel, down, sit and have door manners.

Tame the Beast Program $700.00 ~ This is an on leash program for dogs at least 5 months of age that have had no training. This is a seven day program that will give your dog the ability to stop jumping on people, heel, sit and have door manners. Includes leash and collar.

One Smart Dog Program $1,500.00 ~ The ForceFree Method™ of Dog Training-This is relaxed fun training approach where constant correctional training is replaced with a gentle intuitive approach that works with your dog’s natural instincts, need for a leader (that’s you!), and pack mentality. You’ll be amazed how easy this approach helps you teach your dog what you’ve always wanted it to do. With this effective program your dog will quickly learn respect, reliable leash manners, sit, down, stay, come when called, quit jumping on people, and a “place” command. With this style of training your dog (and entire family) will have a much more enjoyable life together full of trust and understanding. This is a 15 day program, results are guaranteed for the life of your dog. Cost of program includes one leash and collar.

Residency program price includes, boarding, training a “go home” lesson at the time of pick up and one follow up lesson within 2 weeks of the pick up date.

Treadmill Training $20.00 ~ Additional fee with any of the programs purchased above.

Get a Handle Class $25 single lesson ~ This is a private lesson for the owner that has completed puppy preschool and would like an introduction lesson to the training collar. In this class the handler learns how and when to apply leash pressure, praise, and motivation for their puppy. Puppy must be at least 16 weeks of age and a puppy preschool graduate. This lesson is a perfect opportunity for the first time pet owner that wants to pursue more training with their puppy, but is not sure what program or private lesson they are interested in.

These programs are designed to teach dogs and owners at different levels. In order for the programs to be successful, it is imperative for owners to work at home as instructed. All dogs are required to be in good health and current with vaccinations. It is the owners responsibility to provide current vaccination records from a licensed veterinarian. BFF does not provide food. Please pre-measure the amount of food to be given per feeding and place in separate plastic bags. Payment can be made by cash or check only and due at the beginning of training when pet is dropped off.

We love referrals! One  free private lesson for anyone that refers someone for training and they complete any of the programs listed above or a group class.

Your pet and I thank you for choosing BFF Dog Training!