Puppy Preschool

Puppy Preschool Class fees are $75.00 and all puppies are required to be in good health and current with vaccinations.  It is the owners responsibility to provide current vaccination records from a licensed veterinarian. This is a class designed for puppies 7-16 weeks of age. This is an excellent class for first time puppy owner’s. Puppy Preschool teaches puppies to stop  those annoying destructive puppy behaviors that drive all new puppy owners wild. Instead this class helps you become the proud owner of a super-smart,  friendly, polite little cutie-pie ready for more learning and fun filled living! Consists of one private lesson followed by three group classes. Topics include Behavior Modification, Biting, Barking, Object Socialization, Handling Exercises, Grooming, House Training, Chewing, and Digging. Please call 608-574-3817 to register.

***** Registration Required in Advance *****

Beginning Obedience~ Class fees are $80.00 This is an on leash class that is designed to teach dogs and owners at various levels to advance in behavior consistency, complexity, and confidence. In order for the class to be successful, owners must work at home as instructed. This class will give you the foundation skills to improve the lines of communication between you and your dog setting the stage for more and more complex learning. We will start by evaluating your dog the first day of class with a private one on one lesson. Together we will look at past and present behavior problems and determine your specific training goals. This private lesson time (one-on-one) helps us determine your pets learning style, proper equipment, correct fit, and allows for time creating a training program that is specific to your pet’s individual needs. At the end of this foundation building class you will be able to determine if our training style works well for you and your dog and if more complex training is desired. We trust you’ll come back for more advanced training!

Please call 608-574-3817 to register for classes held in Dodgeville.

Your pet and I thank you for choosing BFF Dog Training!