Puppy Testimonials

“Hi Linda:

Twyla, formally Oreo,  is the most wonderful puppy in the world, at least in my world.  She is smart, happy, well behaved, and affectionate. Her personality is so good and she picks up on routines very fast. She is adapting to the name Twyla quite well.  My computer has been down the past few days, as soon as I get my photos off my camera I will send you some, and will continue to send them as she grows. She is a delight.

Greg had no difficulty with her on the flight, she made it all the way to Phoenix without any accidents in the crate. Upon landing he took her immediately to the airport’s walking and doggie toilet, called “The Boneyard”, she used it.  No problems on the car ride home.  She seems to love all of us. Her first night at Gregs she was with his dog and kitty and she was fine, he sent pictures of her with Charlie, his labradoodle. You did a wonderful job breeding and socializing her.  I am impressed.  Pictures soon.



“Friday we became the happiest farm family in the world! Brought Cash (formerly Cheesecake) home to replace the recent loss of our 14 year old border collie Boomer!
Cash has already brought us a lot of happiness and he proves to be intelligent, a little spunky, curious, and loving? Linda did a terrific job with Cash as he’s already potty trained and crate trained. 4 days and no accident! If you are looking for a Bordoodle, BFF Is the best! Jeanne”


“Linda I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how awesome Miss Brownie. She arrived healthy and with all of her papers right on time. After only a week she’s settled in nicely and is getting along very well with the children. She is very sweet and very smart and I can tell she’s going to be a great dog for our family. John”



Cocoa (Gem) is doing well in her new home. Everyone loves her very much.

Posted by Stacy Moravits on Sunday, October 18, 2


Ben Miller Says “She is the coolest little pup – cautious, but curiosity wins out and she has the perfect balance between sociable and independent. She learns things incredibly quickly. The whole family absolutely adores her.”


Marie in Canada says– “Hi Linda!  I just wanted to send a few pictures of Farley. He has a great temperament – very laid back and happy go lucky.  Marie “