Sleeping Arrangement for New Puppy

If you’re adopting early, it’s very likely that this will be your puppy’s first night away from its mother and littermates. Here are some suggestions that should help smooth that transition.

Make sure that any bathroom needs are taken care of before putting puppy to bed. I strongly suggest you keep the puppy’s resting place near your bed for the first few nights to help puppy feel less lonely and this will help promote bonding. I recommend the use of a  crate, do not shove puppy in and close door the quickly. It is important that she not associate anything negative with her sleeping arrangements. Provide a towel, toy, blanket or other object with the familiar scent of her mother and littermates, this may help her to relax. You may also want to include an item or two with the scent of your puppy’s new family members to help her become familiar with you. Always make sure that any object placed in the crate is a safe and appropirate for chewing. If your puppy is chewing while you are sleeping, you will not be able to supervise their chew time.

If your puppy tries to leave her bed, begins to whine, or tries to dig her way out, give her gentle but firm corrections. The puppy’s mother set very strict rules for behavior, so she should need very little correction in order to get the point.

Some puppies may miss the feeling of a beating heart next to them when they sleep. To help your puppy along some, “beating heart” plush toys can be purchased at pet stores that mimic the sound of a canine mother’s heartbeat. Just be careful that they do not pose a choking hazard. Some plush toys will be quickly destroyed by your puppy and the stuffing and fabric pieces can choke your pet. Puppies grow fast, so toys need to be adjusted for safety as puppy grows.

I do not recommend sleeping with dogs or puppies in ones bed.