Previous Bordoodle Puppies

Bordoodle puppies are smart fun dogs, they love people, get along with other animals, are smart and easy to train.  They make great family pets that enjoy their cuddle time and an active life. They are an excellent choice for service dog work, because of their ability to learn quickly, their  desire to work and please their owner.

The mix produces dogs that vary in appearance, some are more border collie looking while some are more poodle like. The amount of shedding varies from puppy to puppy as well as grooming requirements. They are active dogs that enjoy the great outdoors and water.

The photos below are some of our previous Bordoodle puppies, all have been placed in loving homes. Some of our puppies are in training to do service dog work, therapy dog work, some will be doing agility, and we even have a Truffle Hunter. If you can teach it they can learn it!!