Free Evaluation

A free evaluation is offered to anyone interested in a training program, class or private lesson. All family members and dog/puppy are invited to come and attend the free evaluation. During this evaluation, we will discuss past and present behavior concerns, what you hope to accomplish with the training, your pets health, and any other concerns you may have. We will discuss training methods and the proper tools for training your specific pet. During our discussion I will be evaluating your dog as to what personality he/she may have. Most canines fall into one or more of 6 personalities-Hyperactive, Happy-Go-Lucky, Fear Biter, Aggressive, Basket Case, and Shy. Each personality requires a different approach and training style and it is my job to teach you how to manage each behavior, that the dog is presenting you with.

Below is a brief description of each of the personalities.

Hyperactive ~ A dog that seems to have endless amounts of energy. This dog is generally out of control pulling against the leash in desperation and has no intention of slowing down. This personality tends to be well socialized but demonstrates a short attention span and lack of focus. Hyperactive dogs will not grow out of this personality. They will only continue to grow more active if they do not have solid obedience training in place.

Happy-Go-Lucky ~ A very pleasing dog a high percentage of the time even without any formal obedience training. Most will demonstrate selective hearing or claim amnesia as they mature. This is when owners begin to think about formal obedience training. Most learn obedience as though it was a game or trick but often do not choose to comply. Often very well socialized and confident in various settings.

Fear Biter ~ An insecure dog that when cornered or threatened, may display aggression towards people or living things. They can also direct aggression towards living things that display hesitation or fear. These dogs are most likely to strike when a person’s back is turned. This personality is often a scared, confused, and frustrated dog that does not make friends easily. Not all become “biters”. Not limited to large breeds, many smaller dogs have been known to become fear biters due to lack of socialization.

Aggressive ~ A confident dog that has the ability to back it up (if and when needed). Most have learned how to intimidate and control other animals and people from an early age. Aggressive dogs are not limited to size or breed. A fear biter who develops confidence and learns to use aggression to intimidate others. Please note that the owner and trainier have to be able to physically handle the dog.

Basket Case ~ A dog that demonstrates anxiety, fear, panic, and lack of confidence around unfamiliar people, places and or things. As puppies they were often raised in an isolated environment. This personality type usually acts reasonable in his or her own environment unless something changes. This type of dog can become increasingly more paranoid over time.

Shy ~ A dog that displays discomfort or lack of confidence in association with living things. Dog withdraws from unfamiliar living things. These dogs may be comfortable with some living things and not others. This personality, although usually harmless to others , does not come out of this behavior without help.