BFF Peeps

BFF Peeps that help make it all possible!


John Obiera-Assistant Kennel Manager-John helps keep things running smoothly with the day to day operations. He does a lot of cleaning, walking dogs, assisting with training and what ever else needs to be done. He is good with the dogs and they like him too!

Sarah and Roo

Sarah and Roo

Sarah Mahrle-Thomas offers volunteer support to BFF Dog Training as a puppy raiser. She is a stay-at-home mother of four young children from age eighteen months to ten years old. Sarah has a pack of her own three dogs which aid her in providing a well rounded experience for future diabetic alert dogs. Zeus, is her the thirteen-and a half-year-old Australian Shepherd, Rosie, is her thirteen-year-old Labrador Retriever, and Bruce, is her one-year-old Boxer Mountain Cur mix. Sarah appreciates the opportunity to work closely with BFF Dog Training because she enjoys setting an example to her children the importance of nurturing both animals, and people.

Sarah owns Strive Balanced Dog Training of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Working as a balanced dog trainer, allows Sarah to inspire her clients to achieve an excellent relationship with their dogs. Zeus was her inspiration to become a balanced dog trainer. For years, Sarah, and Zeus, struggled with leash reactivity, resource guarding, and general disobedience both on leash, and off leash. Sarah began implementing dog training techniques which she learned from Cesar Milan. Ultimately, after using many different dog training tools, she was able to settle on the combination which worked best for she and Zeus. For more information regarding Sarah’s services please go to 

Sarah can be reached at (920)333-2DOG


Tina and her fur babies

I have lived with dogs and cats all of my life, and currently have 3 dogs of my own. I have a wonderful husband for the last 10 years who has seen me through my entire journey on becoming the best balanced dog trainer I can be. I also have a 14 year old daughter, 26 year old son and 2 step children, 26 and 23. And now a brand new Grand baby boy.

My 3 Fur babies are Missy, the 11 year old American Eskimo mix, Molly the 7 year old Schnauzer, and Maxx my 7 year old GSD and constant companion.

I am a certified dog trainer through Animal Behavior College and now I run T*N*T Pawsitive K-9 Training offering a variety of group and private classes.

I have fostered for the last 10 years around 30 dogs in and out of my home. Seeing how people are not educated in dog/human communication I started to see why dogs were going into rescue and not staying with their families, My goal is to keep families and their dogs together and then saw the need for training dogs before they are adopted, or teaching people what they need when the puppies are young.

Tina Lotharius – ABCDT
Oak Creek, Wi
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Hannah and one of our puppies

Hannah is very helpful volunteer that does many things. She does a variety of things ranging  from walking dogs, loving the dogs, grooming, cleaning up dog hair, photographing, assisting with classes, training and picking up dog poop. She was even in one of our news stories on TV. She is great with dogs and someday hopes to work with dogs as an adult.

Jennifer at home

Jennifer at home

Jennifer is a volunteer support as a puppy raiser for BFF Dog Training. She does a great job socializing, child proofing, and house training puppies to help prepare them for life as a service dog. Jennifer has 4 four children one dog.





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