Thanks for stopping at BFF Dog Training online. We offer training programs that enhance the lives of owners and their dogs. As a trained RN I’ve always enjoyed helping people in significant ways. I find a similar satisfaction teaching people to train dogs, and teaching dogs to help (even rescue) people.  Each day is an exciting adventure as my clients learn to communicate, build strong bonds with their dogs, and ultimately become Best Friends Forever. At BFF Dog Training our program starts off by providing you with a fee evaluation of your puppy/dog, look at past/present behavior problems, and identify your specific training goals. This evaluation process helps us determine your dog’s learning style and adapt our training methods to help you succeed. With the resulting improved communication, your dog will be motivated to please you because of who you are instead of the toys or tasty treats you supply!  With our program, obedience will become a way of life full of respect, love and confidence, for both you and your dog!

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